Communication is an important management tool

We use communication as a value-added element for management in all areas of the business and in various scenarios the company may face: opening new markets, changing management, restructuring, managing crisis, listings...we never offer standardised formulas. The needs of one client are never the same as those of another, therefore we like to say that at Dédalo we don’t work as a prêt à porter company.

We tailor-make everything we do.

We work closely with top management:

we listen, analyse, interpret, set objectives, design strategies and then we implement them

Later we analyse the results to make sure they respond to the objectives set or if they have been altered by a change in scenario.

Our methodology of work tends to respond to the 5Ws of journalism:

  • What we communicate, messaging;
  • When we communicate, time frame;
  • Whom we communicate, target audiences;
  • Where we place the messages, outlets;
  • Why we communicate, ultimately communications role as linked to business objectives.