Strategic consultancy

Strategic consultancy | Dedalo Comunicación

Is communication within your firm aligned with strategic planning for all areas of the business? Is communication still a subset of your marketing department, too closely tied in to supporting your product offering?

Corporate communications

Corporate communications | Dedalo Comunicación

Are you satisfied with the reputation of your company? Do you have an articulated strategy that integrates marketing, advertising and public relations to communicate your long-term corporate identity?

Financial communications

Financial communications | Dedalo Comunicación

Are you managing expectations within the investment community to optimally reflect your company’s prospects and performance within its industry? Is financial communications fully integrated into corporate communications or does it function independently?

Crisis management

Crisis management | Dedalo Comunicación

Has your company gone through a crisis? Did you find a satisfactory way out? Where did your response fall on the scale of reactive to proactive? Do you have a dark site prepared?