Act today and change the future

AfrikAmiga is a project between three friends to try and make the education of children in Tanzania more accessible, as well as improving the quality of life for vulnerable families.
My name is Marian, I have been part of the Dédalo team since its beginnings and I am a dreamer by nature. AfrikAmiga emerged thanks to a trip that changed my life when I came back with a new dream: that all the schools have desks, water, light and windows; all the children have books, pens and shoes; and in all the houses there is a roof, a bed and a plate of food.
Today my dream has become a reality that grows day by day thanks to the contagious effect of charity. Dédalo generously collaborates with AfrikAmiga.

Dédalo joins ‘Maji Safi’, AfrikAmiga’s latest project

This action means great help for the development of this project, which consists of the construction of a water well for Engejisosia Primary School, in Tanzania. With this well of LIFE and FUTURE we will avoid school absenteeism by stopping illnesses and we will be guaranteeing the necessary conditions of dignity, health and hygiene for all the students of this school.

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  • MArian Mesonero, creadora de AfrikAmiga
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