Financial and Real Estate

We have extensive experience advising large national and international banks, global mutual funds and global alternative investment funds. We coordinate our work with international communication teams in London, Paris, Frankfurt, New York and Zurich.

We design strategic communication plans in the local market, as well as corporate operations carried out by banks in their role as advisers in M&A, IPOs and corporate finance and capital markets. In Spain, we have worked on a number of the largest takeover bids in recent years.

Riding between the restructuring of the Spanish financial system and the recovery of the real estate sector, we have piloted the landing of large international institutional investment funds in Spain. We design and implement the communication strategies for real estate asset management companies both to channel investment and to divest assets.

In addition, with our experience in financial communication and crisis management, we actively participate in acquisition process of real estate assets by private equity investors.

Other Achievements